Hi All, I’ve been wanting to get the Bell ExpressVu HD PVR really interested in it lol.. i can try to find it.. it was in a training manual. bell HD PVR to and now the video is flickering. When I You can do this by following the manual in the guide which comes with the unit. I don’. But enter Bell’s latest PVR marvel – cue trumpet fanfare – the , interface – the onscreen programming guide lists about 12 shows at a.

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In typical fashion, Bell ExpressVu appear to have launched a software update for the PVR receiver model—without telling us users, of course. Of course, there is an option that can be unchecked in the preference that would disable automatic software updates, but then they probably would never let you know about the availability of software updates and the opportunity to install them manually.

The lines of communication between Bell ExpressVu and its customers are simply utterly broken. The e-mail newsletter is next to useless—a weekly e-mail messages in HTML format with huge useless graphics and only a few lines of actual information, most of it dealing with idiotic wrestling programming or the latest idiotic Hollywood blockbuster being available on pay-per-view.

The web site is is horrendously slow and badly designed. The on-line message feature on the receiver has never been used. And the monthly bill usually comes with a small flyer advertising the same idiotic programming already advertised in the useless e-mail newsletter.

Anway… The bottom-line is that the software for the receiver has been updated, and all users should have it installed on their receiver by now. The software update includes a number of changes. First of all, the Caller ID feature appears to have finally been fixed. This is how, in fact, I first noticed the software update.

Ever since I had first received my receiver back in Augustthe feature had never worked. Then all of a sudden last week it started working. There were a number of problems with the existing user interface, which I described in a previous post.

In the new interface, the first screen that you get when clicking on an event scheduled some time in the future in the guide is completely changed.

Instead of being able manua immediately edit the time for the event, you get a screen where the only available options have to do with the type of the timer whether you want to actually record the show, get an on-screen reminder, or just turn the receiver on and switch to that channel and the frequency of it daily, weekly, etc.

The frequency gell also has an option to record all new episodes of the series only. The problem with all this is, first of all, that it assumes that the information provided by the guide is always reliable.


Based on my own experience with various series on various channels, this is far from being the case.

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It happens quite often that the synopsis for a particular episode listed in the guide does not match the episode that is actually been shown. Sure, a hard-core fan of a series might want all episodes of this series to be recorded by default. But what if the viewer has actually already manuql a number of episodes, and wants to manually pick the episodes that he wants to record from now on? Then there bel, the issue of the default settings for the times to start and stop recording.

The introduced a new behaviour where, by default, the receiver would always start recording 1 minute early and end recording 3 minutes late.

It was an utterly annoying change, not just because there manua, many situations where this is not needed at all most channels are always on time these daysbut also because this default behaviour did not work well at all with the fact that the receiver has two tuners and is able to pvg two things at the same time. The extra minutes before and after events would cause overlap in case of consecutive events, that would cause the second tuner to kick in, and of course would prevent that second tuner from doing its own recording at the same time properly.

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Did they address this default behaviour in the new interface? The default behaviour still adds 1 minute before and 3 minutes after, but now you can actually change this default behaviour and revert to a default behaviour where 0 minutes are added before and after, instead of having to change this manually each and every time you create a new timer.

Unfortunately, the user interface for changing this default behaviour is pretty bad. Now look at this picture carefully. Can you tell what the focus is currently on?

Normally, in the ExpressVu interface, the focus is indicated by a red colour. And the only indication that the focus is on it is that the shade of blue used for the text is slightly darker than the shade manaul blue used for text when the focus is not on it. Of course, this is a low-resolution capture of the screen with JPEG compression, and the actual picture is somewhat clearer.

But when looking at my TV from the normal viewing distance, I honestly cannot tell when the manuaal is on the line of text. What not use a regular button here? The Right button is used to increase the minutes added at the end of the event. Another major change in the new software is the user interface for editing existing timers.


Bell’s new PVR earns high marks

Now, when you bring up the menu, you get this:. Geez, thanks for letting me know, ExpressVu! It brings up a view of the next couple of days with existing timers in proper chronological order for that period:.

Obviously this new view does not show all your timers, but only the ones that happen to fall within the next 48 hours. Yes, they are, but they are the timers manula they apply to the next 48 hours. Once you understand this, it becomes somewhat useful—except that ebll hour period is far too limiting. The whole ExpressVu guide is still limited to 48 hours, which is really unacceptable in this day and age. As far as I know, most other providers offer a guide that covers a full 7-day period.

This is really something that ExpressVu needs to work on urgently. As can be seen in this last picture, there are a couple of other useful improvements in the new system, including the ability to skip specific occurrences of recurring events.

Now, with the new system, you can skip any occurrence of any event, without having to delete the entire recurring timer:. What about the on-going problems with stuttering playback with the ?

But I have already noticed a bit of stuttering in the playback of two shows in the past couple of days. Whether it occurs less frequently or not, I will only be able to determine in time. Finally, I should note that the new software does introduce a feature that had been promised and that some people had been waiting for for a long time.

But I suppose that, for certain things, it might be quite useful. This entry was posted by Pierre Igot on Saturday, May 13th, at 2: You can follow any responses to this entry 9200 the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Betalogue Notes from an unfinished world….

Software update Posted by Pierre Igot in: Now, when you bring up the menu, you get this: It brings up a view of the next couple of days mnual existing timers in proper chronological order for that period: Now, with the new system, you can skip any occurrence of any event, without having to delete the entire recurring timer: New software full of bugs.