The SMM7 Estimating dataset focuses predominantly on large ‘new build’ projects reflecting the economies of scale found in these forms of construction. BCIS SMM7 Estimating Price Book by Building Cost Information Service at – ISBN – ISBN – Building. BCIS SMM7 Estimating Price Book EXCLUSIVE £30 BUY-BACK GUARANTEE. Click HERE for full details · Edition: 17th Revised edition.

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Looking at figure 4. These logical orders are predetermined in NRM2 SMM7 is an older versionwhich states step by step what to measure and in what order and the units it will be measured in.

In order for them to share and communicate between each other, it is necessary to use a common standard to facilitate interoperability. Guide to rebuilding costs of flats. This was not the case during the automatic taking-off, where pricr a 3D model and drawings were used.

BCIS Alterations &; Refurbishment Price Book – Bcis – Spiral bound () | Bokus

The use of these tools will depend on whether the quantity surveyor is taking-off from a 3D model or a 2D CAD drawing. Jump to page Jump Jump to page. Table 3 explains how each volume was derived, multiplying each area with the height. When calculating the red rustic wall see figure which was 0. What is bool certain is what these changes may be and how they will affect the profession.

Spon’s construction bcs and price indices handbook. Before commencing taking-off of items, a taking-off schedule was created in accordance to NRM2 see appendix C.

Without the proper training and knowledge regarding the quantification and costing competency, then how well would the user be able to break down the taking-off process?


BCIS Alterations &; Refurbishment Price Book 2014

This is achieved by analysing the literature review along with the findings examined in the previous chapter. However, I was told that this was normal and the reason behind this was the material estimsting efficiency of each type of window supplied by the suppliers. The software automatically multiplies the two columns calculating the total price for each item. Creating the below table Figure: When attempting my first measurement, I saw that I had forgotten one of the measurements while reading off the drawings.

Apart from this, all the palettes and windows throughout most software are interlinked with each other, meaning that a change in an object will automatically update the object throughout the whole project. In this case, the objectives of the study are presented into four sections see figure 3. However, I did not have any information to enter into the boo since I was waiting for the offers to arrive from the different suppliers.

Result List

Illustrates all the views the item is located in. Jennifer Whyte for her guidance throughout how to go about the dissertation and how to set it all out.

Paperback Published 11 Dec However, the contractor charged the client extra for these costs.

Preceding BIM all technological advancements have been trying to improve the process that is already out there, instead of trying to change it Jellings, zmm7 Parameter Wall Reinforcement Weight summer placement experience Figure Various BIM definitions: When using the model it is important for the quantity surveyor to make sure that models to be used for taking-off are verified and checked, ensuring estimatinb all the information is incorporated in the DWF file.

This was due to the elimination of many steps of the process, such as waiting for all the drawings, creating a taking-off schedule, creating a query sheet, squaring stage, abstracting stage and billing stage. The foundation element of the 3D model is used for both the manual and automatic process of taking-off and production of the bill of quantities.


This etimating process that required the user to enter the name of the project, specify the settings, select the catalogue see figure 4.

Without the necessary quantification and costing competencies, the descriptions would not be correct. Regarding traditional taking-off, it is very important on which column you are writing on, regarding the measuring paper.

BCIS Alterations and Refurbishment Price Book 22 – Häftad () | Bokus

I was told that a good way to help with verifying that I had measured a section was to colour it in showing all the sections I had measured on the drawing. For example, concrete is used in the foundation and in the walls; however they must both be measured separately.

Paperback Published 03 May Paperback Published 16 May Year first published Year first published. Paperback Published 17 Apr Paperback Published 26 Jan Options Results per page: DPC Bok proof However, during a traditional estimaying taking-off the quantity surveyor did not have any concerns regarding 3D modelling.

Bill of Quantities summer placement experience The schedule contained the items necessary for the taking-off process. Once the role is selected, the software then compares the roles to the model; identifying all the errors and categorising them by importance see figure 4.

However, the variables presented in the following chapter influence one another.