The Cancer Cure That Worked! Book review. by Barry Lynes. I was challenged by a supporter of medical quackery to read this book as it was sure to convince. A detailed account of Rife’s inventions and discoveries is the subject of The Cancer Cure That Worked. This startling book documents events from to the . THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED. THE RIFE “Barry Lynes is one of the greatest investigative health reporters in our country. With the assistance of John .

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In time, the cure was labeled a “myth”— it never happened. In 19th century France, two giants of science collided. Medical Committee verified the results tuat the clinic. A rod-shaped bacteria could become a spheroid, etc. Rife would have to make time for experimental demonstra- tions, letters, and meetings.

He had several meetings with us. Walker get his test procedures refined. And yet, bydespite the massive fundings of virus research, more people than ever continued to die of cancer.

The Cancer Cure That Worked – Fifty Years of Suppression!

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The latter phenomenon is similar to ultrasonic cleaning, differing in delicate selectivity of wave form and frequency.

This was followed by 3 years as an instructor at Harvard University Medical School Surely it is time for the suffering to stop. Standard textbooks today continue to make this same basic distinction between bacteria and viruses.

The library staff responsible for filing and circulating such reports to the officials determining cancer research policy either failed to do their jobs or they met with opposition from those in charge of the war on cancer. On December 27,the Los Angeles Times reported that Rife had demonstrated the microscope at a meeting of scientists. Unless he could see the virus and determine its frequency, he couldn’t cure TB with his method.


They repeated the method consecu- thatt times with identical results.

Book review – The Cancer Cure That Worked!

With the result we were kicked into court – operating without a license. A tube lights up and 3 minutes later the treatment 60 is completed. The cancer patients deserve better — basic honesty and truthful discussion concerning various alternative medicine options.

If this book had been written as a way of showing an example of pathological science at work then it might have had some value. Together, Rife, Kendall and Johnson slowly and care- fully began an assault on the scientific and medical orthodoxies of their time.

Rife also had been seeking a way to identify and then destroy the micro-organism which caused cancer. These tests were repeated 18 times to verify the results. Rife was polite and helpful at times, but often just never answered his mail. If the material provided was sufficient, she indicated, a grant might be forthcoming. But all the cire isolation was to end soon after the microscope’s existence wofked reported m Rife, by an ingenious arrangement of lenses applying an entirely new optical principle and by introducing double quartz prisms and powerful illuminating lights, has devised a microscope with a lowest magnification of 5, times and a maximum working magnification of 17, times.

And the thing that brought me into it more quickly than anything was a man who had cancer of the stomach. And the micro-dissector and a lot of other stuff. But even after he was forced from his position of power because of a revolt from several state delegations of doctors, the policies he had set in motion continued on for many years. It was an added treatment which he found cuee by tje that finally made this possible, he related. thst


Full text of “Lynes Barry The Cancer Cure That Worked The Rife Report”

No doubt it was at that time, but today it is an even more mysteri- ous instrument. Meyer was most outspoken in his opinion, using such words as ‘conclusive’, ‘most convincing’, ‘he is a wizard’, and ‘he is a genius. And after Milbank Johnson’s death, the records at the University of Southern California “mysteriously disap- peared.

Kendall could not convince the orthodox “non- filtration” school that experiments done according to his techniques would validate his discovery.

It is probably the first time the minute filterable virus organisms ever have been seen. Examination under the Rife microscope of specimens, containing objects visible with the ordinary microscopes, leaves no doubt of the accurate visualization of objects or particulate matter by direct observation at the extremely high magnification calculated to be 8, diameter obtained by the instrument.

There- fore, we shall expound our theories at the outset with the hope that other workers may find them sufficiently basic to serve as an incentive for checking our observations. And even more interesting than this is the fact that these bacteria have a filterable form in their life cycle; that is, that they can become so small that they pass through bacterial filters which hold back bacteria.

When properly stained, this form can be readily seen with a standard research microscope 4 Crytomyces pleomorphia fungi— identical morphologi- cally to that of the orchid and of the mushroom Rife wrote in his book: