BA(KOREA) NTE Equvilent NTEP TRANSISTOR PNP SILICON V IC= 1A TO GENERAL PURPOSE AMP. NTE Data Sheet Data Sheet. NTE. 2SBA transistor pinout, marking BA Sometimes the “2S” prefix is not marked on the package – the 2SBA transistor might be marked “BA”. BA datasheet, BA pdf, BA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf.

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Single Pole Double Throw.

B564A View Datasheet(PDF) – Usha Ltd

When the device driver is restarted, it will have a different list of established connections than the corresponding ATM application i. Over time the user will likely make hardware changes to the computer system that require configuration changes. As a result, there is only a limited connection between the computer system’s software and hardware, which allows for multiple versions of the same application to run on the computer system simultaneously and different types of applications to run simultaneously on the computer system.

LRM passes the fault to local slave SRM 37 bwhich catalogs the fault in the ATM application’s fault history and sends a notice to local slave logging entity b. The PMD file includes a table that corresponds card type and version number with name of the mission kernel image executable file Datashewt.

Data that is sent by the subscriber processes after the termination of the failed process and prior to the notification of the new process identification number may be lost but the recovery of this data if any may be less problematic than notifying the subscriber processes of the failure and having them hold all transmissions. For example, device driver FIG. In addition, the logical model is modified when new or upgraded processes are created. In addition, the descriptors can be matched with descriptors in the fault policy to determine the recovery action to be datasneet.

Preferably, computer system 10 implements a name server process and a flexible naming procedure. The logical to physical card table provides the user with maximum flexibility in choosing a redundancy structure. This is one Lot Qty.


An ATM query to a device driver that does not include a necessary service endpoint is a waste of time and resources. Similarly, each instantiation of ATMsubscribes with name server and provides its name, process identification number and the name of each of the service endpoints in which it is interested.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. The NMS database establishes an active query for all configuration database records to insure it is updated with all changes.

In the embodiment where changes are made directly to configuration database 42 on central processor 12they are made only in non-persistent memory until committed described below.

Master SRM 36 requests a bootserver not shown to download the MKI executable files 50 a — 50 n from persistent storage 21 into memory 40 i. Alternatively or in addition as a back-up communication porta user may communicate with computer system 10 through a terminal connected to a serial line 66 connecting to the data or control path using a command line interface CLI protocol.

In one embodiment, the kernel includes operating system software, standard system services software and modular system services software. Typically, an application and its corresponding device drivers would be part of the same memory block or even part of the same software program, such that if the application failed, both the application and device drivers would need to be restarted.

Resetting the hardware stops data flow. Depending upon the fault policy managed by the slave SRMs on each board, the failure of an application or device driver may not immediately cause an automatic downgrade during an upgrade process. The hardware may be reset as soon as the device driver terminates or the hardware may be reset later when the device driver is restarted.

Instead, the configured fault policy may only indicate a particular type of hardware failure, for example, CRC errors on transmitted Ethernet packets e. Thus, when the NMS changes or adds to the service endpoint table SETthe configuration database sends the service endpoint manager associated with the port PID in the SET a change notification including information on the change that was made.


For example, due to a configuration change initiated by the user of the computer system, service endpoint FIG.

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For example, models of ATM configurable objects are coupled to ATM modelincluding models for a soft permanent virtual patha soft permanent virtual circuita switch addressa cross-connectiona permanent virtual path cross-connectiona permanent virtual circuit cross-connectiona virtual ATM interfacea virtual path linka virtual circuit linkloggingan ILMI referencePNNIa traffic descriptoran ATM interface and logical service endpoint Hierarchical descriptors may be used to provide information specific to each failure or event.

The computer system simply pushes the new class file to the NMS.

In addition, the application may require data stored datawheet the configuration database on the central processor or data stored in the memory of other boards. As described above, under the protected memory model, a failing process cannot corrupt the memory blocks used by other processes.

This flexibility is left up to the user and NMS, and the ATM interface table allows the NMS to communicate this configuration information to each instance of each application running on the different line cards. In addition to configuring each system, the NMS also interprets data gathered by each system relevant to each system’s network accounting data, statistics, and fault logging and presents this to the user. In one embodiment, configuration database 42 is a Polyhedra database from Polyhedra, Inc.

Consequently, a PID could be permanently assigned to the chassis, shelves and slots and stored in a file.

When the computer system is powered-up, as described below, configuration database software will use DDL file to populate a configuration database In another aspect, the configuration database supports an active query feature and the NMS database is configured to establish an active query for all records within the configuration database to synchronize the NMS database with the embedded database.