I finally finished reading the 4th part of Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s Autobiography “Dashdwaar Se Sopaan Tak”. I first came across his. In the Afternoon of Time: An Autobiography [Harivansh Rai Bachchan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hindi littérateur Harivansh Rai. Born in Allahabad, Harivansh Rai Bachchan received his formal schooling in a municipal school and followed the family tradition of attending Kayasth.

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Today’s Famous Celebrity Birthdays. A furtherdecisionwas thatthe transla- tionshouldfollowthe usual Englishconventionofbeingdividedinto chapters,unlikethe originalHindi whose narrativewas punctuated bynothingmorethanthe occasionalline-spaceat pointsthroughout the fourvolumes.

Radha’s arrivalin the householdproveda good omen forMitthulal,for shortlyafterwards he was putin chargeofthe town’spolicebythe Company government;in my childhoodall the local notables rememberedhim as ‘NayabSahib’.

It featured his own son Amitabh Bachchan. But a nar- rative thread was maintained, the divisions of the four books being retained as separate sections in the translation,with the fourthand last-the afterthought-being labelled an ‘epilogue’. Rajiv Kapoor Grandson-in-law’s Uncle. He maintainedthatifI only wrotein Hinditheoutsideworldwouldneverhearofme,whilehistransla- tionscouldestablishme internationally.

The intimate descriptionof Autobiograpphy relationshipfirstwith Karkal and thenwithChampa is remarkableforits candour;while leavingmuchto be read betweenthe lines,the accountofthe friend- shipwithKarkal has led the Hindi criticNamvarSingh2to reckonit the firstpublishedconfessionin Hindi of a augobiography.

Mitti ka tan, masti ka man, kshan-bhar jivan— mera parichay. He died of various respiratory diseases at age of Another example of a verse retained in the translation is from Bachchan’s Allahabad schooldays, when the children were made to sing a four-linehymnextended by an additional line declaring fealty to the imperial throne. Yet perhaps thecircumstancesin which I first seteyeson Champaconcealedhertrueform, whichI was to see two or threemonths laterwhenshewas sitting on thelowparapetoftheroof terraceoverlooking MohanChacha’shouse,wearinga lightbluesari,free ofjewellery or adornments.


A functionwas held in the departmentto celebrate this promotion.

Harivansh Rai Bachchan

This verse is almost as well-establisheda part of the enduringNehruvianimage as the lapel rose or the ‘trystwithdestiny’speech ofAugust The Hindi refashionsFrost by assimilating it to an Indian landscape; his Amer- ican woods, ‘lovely, dark and deep’, are represented in Hindi by the ban-taru,whose qualifications as gahan, saghan,man-mohak, suggest a grove on the Jumna bank, a secluded Gutagovindaarbour. The nar- rativestartsseveralgenerationsbeforethe birthof the author,and one ofits manypleasuresis thewaythe softfocusoflegendcrispens into the tighternarrativeof rememberedand contemporary relat- ives.

The second criterionfor abridging the text was a more subjective assessment of its contents and of its likely English-language reader- ship. All the questionsthat death raises rose up in mymind and massed there likegatheringclouds,unresolved.

Harivansh Rai Bachchan: a poet and a scholar

India’sAuntie-tongue Syndrome New Delhi, The This content downloaded from His autography Bachchan rachanavali ke nau khand is also a very well written one. Hearing the suggestion,Dr Bachchan thoughtfora moment,smiled,and said, ‘Bahutacchdhai-I like it!

Overall, a great book by a great man. Bachchan and Henn built a close relationship during his time at Cambridge and remained in touch on his return to India. This particular passage turned out to be a translator’s dream, because the quoted verse was followed by the 12 m W’r, ,4.

The firstdifficultyin the actual processof translationwas to find an appropriateEnglishstyleto suggestthe qualities of Bachchan’s Hindi. His given name derivedfroma prescribedrecitationof the Purana thathad brokenhis parents’much-lamented Harivam.


Notify jarivansh of new posts via email. To lose the playfulsarcasm of this parallelism is to condemnthe passage to blandness;so ratherthan slavishlyfol- lowingtheexactwordingoftheHindi idiomit seemsbetterto invent a parallelword-playin English,with’urgentlyworking-or urgently shirking’.

An advantage of this technique was that it brought a balanced time structure to the resulting single volume-such as might arguably This content downloaded from Bachchan spent two years at St Catharine’s College —54 and is often credited as the first Indian to get his doctorate in English literature from the University, although at the time of his studies, Bachchan rqi Dr B Rajan as the only other Indian to have a Cambridge PhD in English.

Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s Autobiography | I and Books

The UnitedProvincessurvivedtheirtransformation to UttarPra- desh withinitialsintact,even thoughthe mootedformationof the new state of Uttarakhandmay now threatenBachchan’s dog with decapitation. Allahabad University Cambridge University. As soon as his healthimproved a little[Nehru]beganto workagain- probablytoo much, as though he had a sensethathistimewasrunning out.

In the Afternoon of Time: This was the time when he was influenced by the independence movement. Frank Langella Commentingon Wright’sstatement,Harish Trivedi noteslaconically,’This is all trueenough,but are therereadersany- wherein the wide world,even beyondthe irredeemablyderacinated circle of dinnerpartygoers in New Delhi, who would harivamsh to smell the earthof Uttar Pradesh?