In today’s complex and volatile world the consequences of relying on fraudulent and counterfeit Hadith to legitimise extremist behaviour, issue. Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the Criteria. Remember me, or Register. Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the Criteria. JB Yusuf. Abstract. No Abstract. readers into further exploration of the original. Dr. Israr Ahmad Khan’s Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the. Criteria was published in complete form in

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Authenticity, Compilation, Classification and Criticism of Hadith” by Mohammad Hashim Kamali, most of the effort on Hadith authentication has traditionally been spent on the chain of transmission the isnad with relatively little emphasis on considering the text of the Hadith.

For instance, someone harbouring an antagonistic approach to the Quran or the Sunnah cannot be expected to do justice to their elucidation, despite any intellectual ability. He makes a tremendous breakthrough in hadith textual authentication in modern times in particular and hadith studies in general. In fact he quotes a Hadith of the Prophet himself to support this position: Allah will forgive them for their sins, which he will place on Jews and Christians.

Authentication of Hadith Redefining the Criteria

He looks at the criteria used by Muslim scholars to validate traditions and examines them in the light of the extent to which these criteria established the accuracy of the texts.

Redefiing points out that the last two criteria are also applicable to the examination of the text of a Hadith but that this is rarely done. This evokes the question of what citation style he used. The first Hadith quoted in these sources is on the authority of Abd Allah ibn Masud. He goes on to discuss how these commentators have grappled with the meaning of these 27 traditions, stating that the methodologies followed by all of them are very similar:. There should be perfect harmony between the two.


This is why only one of them can be accepted as right.

This last chapter of the book is discussing some difficult religious issues and merits close reading. In this situation well-known Sunnah and Hadith, as well as the Quran, could be used to determine the nature of other traditions supposedly related by the Prophet.

redefinihg These ayat obviously prohibit the use of force in conversion to Islam. Behold, we have willed that all beauty on earth be a means by which We put men to a test, to see as to which of them are best in conduct. This is not to say that scholars of Ulum al-Hadith [the study of Hadith] have paid no attention to content. I find not in the message revealed to me any meat forbidden for one who wishes to eat it, unless it be dead meat, or blood poured forth.

The upsurge of political groups in Islam, he claims, aythentication to hadith forgery in support of respective claims of legitimacy, while others forged traditions merely to cause dissension among Muslims. The author considers that greater attention needs to be given to the text of Hadith when considering their authenticity. Some are listed below. A careful scrutiny may help scholars to recast the report, which may resemble something like the following possible version: The author lists the five criteria applied to the chain of narrators when assessing the authenticity of a Hadith:.

The objective of the exercise is to reassert the validity of ahadith in Muslim life on the one hand, and to identify probable errors in the text of reports, on the other.

Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies

Yet, many Muslim scholars have long questioned many traditions in even Bukhari and Muslim long before his own publication. As such, notes the author, any hadith which seems to go against the Quran must be examined carefully and accurately, and if no interpretation to resolve the contradiction found, it is to be rejected. And one of you performs the deeds of the condemned until there is very little distance between him and Hell, he is then overtaken by destiny and he starts doing good deeds, as a result of which he enters Paradise.


References to problems contained in the texts of some of the traditions recorded in authentic Hadith works, including al-Bukhari and Muslim, have been made in places. In a situation where a report contradicts established history, the tradition, regardless of its authenticity in terms of the chain, is to be considered dubious if not declared fabricated.

Authentication of Hadith Redefining the Criteria

Criteria of textual examination of the Sunnah by the companions Criteria of textual examination of the Sunnah by Hadith scholars Criteria of textual examination of the Sunnah by jurists The Quran and authentication of Hadith The author is unambiguous about the relationship between Quran and Hadith.

In my view this places particularly heavy reliance upon the integrity of individual A since he is the only person from whom Bukhari received the alleged Hadith. The first of these is quoted as follows:.

The author begins by explaining in more detail how the chain of transmission is evaluated and gives further background on the two most important Hadith collectors, al-Bukhari and Muslim.

Third, the commentator spends time to identify reports from other sources with a view to developing a complete picture of the tradition in view.

Remember me on this computer. It refers to a speech reported to have been delivered by Umar b. He also mentions other commentators who do reject the authenticity of the tradition.

Out of eight reports narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayrah only one mentions the deduction of two carats of good deeds, whereas the remaining seven put the deduction to only one carat. Khan also merely explains some of the traditions e. The book is well referenced.