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Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community, and in particular Article thereof. Carbides Tungsten Mixtures thereof 4 Dielectric layers formuoar Disinfection and sterilisation are distinct from sanitisation, the latter referring to cleaning procedures designed to lower the microbial content of equipment without necessarily achieving elimination of all microbial infectivity or viability.

When granting export authorisations, Member States will strive to ensure the visibility of the nature of the authorisation on the form issued. A resolution of n bit corresponds to a quantisation of 2 n levels. The information referred to in paragraph 1, if contained in the import licence or import authorisation, shall be provided by the exporter in advance to the third countries of transit, at the latest prior to the shipment.

This is not intended to include a stack of single detector elements or any two, three or four element detectors provided time delay and integration is not performed within the element. The gaseous reactants used in the out-of-pack process are produced using the same basic reactions and parameters as the pack cementation process, except that the substrate to be coated is not in contact with the powder mixture.

N,N-Dimethylaminophosphoryl dichloride. Where the benefit of a right to dispose of firearms, their parts and essential components or ammunition accrues to a person established outside the Union pursuant to the contract on which the export is based, the exporter shall be considered to be the contracting party established in the Union.

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Continuous throughput is the fastest data rate the instrument can output to mass storage without the loss of any information whilst sustaining the sampling rate and analogue-to-digital conversion. Based on that information, the Commission shall publish and update a list of those authorities on a yearly basis in the C series of the Official Journal of the European Union.

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. A tensile strength of MPa or more; and. Member States shall make arrangements for these deactivation measures to be verified by a competent authority. The exporter shall supply the competent authority of the Member State responsible for issuing the export authorisation with the necessary documents proving that audfuhranmeldung importing third country has authorised the import and that the third country of transit had no objection to the transit.


Storage tanks, containers or receivers with a total internal geometric volume greater than 0,1 m 3 formulag where all surfaces that come in direct contact with the chemical s being processed or contained are made from any of the following materials: Where Member States refuse, annul, suspend, modify or revoke an export authorisation, they shall notify the competent authorities of the other Member States thereof and share the relevant information with them.

GaAs or GaInAs photocathodes; or. The introduction of reactive species, evaporation of solids within the process chamber, and the use of monitors to provide in-process measurement of optical characteristics and thicknesses of coatings are ordinary modifications of the process. Each Member State shall appoint a representative to it. In order to ensure that this Regulation is properly applied, Member States should take measures giving the competent authorities appropriate powers.

The resin forms the matrix of the composite. Optical fibre cables and accessories designed for underwater use. For processors not capable of performing calculations on floating point operands of bits or more, the effective calculating rate R is zero. The ultimate vacuum is determined at the input of the ausufhranmeldung with the input of the pump blocked off. Single-shot short firearms with centre-fire percussion. Equipment and components, specially designed foormular prepared for aerodynamic separation process, as follows:.

State to State transactions or State transfers. Storage integrated circuits manufactured from a compound semiconductor.

Analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converter integrated circuits, as follows:. Help Print this page. Article 12 Ausfuhrannmeldung accordance with their national law or practice in formjlar, Member States shall keep, uasfuhranmeldung not less than 20 years, all information relating to firearms and, where appropriate and feasible, their parts and essential components and ammunition, which is necessary to trace and identify those firearms, their parts and essential components and ammunition, and to prevent and detect illicit trafficking therein.

By 19 Apriland thereafter upon request of the Coordination Group and in any event every 10 years, the Commission shall review the implementation of this Regulation and present a report to the European Parliament and the Council on its application, which may include proposals for its amendment. Member States shall, in accordance with national law, establish simplified procedures for:.


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Determination of Stated Values a. Specified to function at linear acceleration levels less than or equal to 15 g, and having any of the following: An export authorisation established in accordance with the form set out in Annex II shall be required for the export of firearms, their parts and essential components and ammunition listed in Annex I. The use of monitors to provide in-process measurement of optical characteristics and thickness of coatings can be a feature of these processes.

Article 2 For the purposes of this Regulation: In particular, with regard to exports, the competent authority of the Member State may decide either to address the exporter or to contact the importing third country directly. It is expressed as an angular rate. Generally available to the public by being: Thermal barrier coatings made of zirconia, modified with calcia or magnesia by mixing or fusion, are not controlled.

Member States shall process applications for export authorisations within a period of time to be determined by national law or practice, which shall not exceed 60 working days, from the date on which all required information has been provided to the competent authorities. The power to adopt delegated acts referred to in Article 5 shall be conferred on the Commission for an indeterminate period of time.

Semi-automatic or repeating short firearms. Equivalent national standards may be used for executing the proof test. Dielectric layers 15 Diamond-like carbon This Regulation shall enter into force on the 30th day following its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Suppliers of Advanced Composite Materials Association. Also, the word initiator is sometimes used in place of the word detonator. In deciding whether to grant an export authorisation under this Regulation, Member States shall take into account all relevant considerations including, where appropriate:.