ARMY FM 101-5-1 PDF

Subscribe Now! Sign In Sign Out. Home:: Military:: Library:: Policy:: Army:: Field Manuals:: SITREP FM Operational Terms and Graphics. FM /MCRP A. Operational Terms and Graphics. 30 September Headquarters, Department of the Army. U.S. Marine Corps. Upon US Army and Marine Corps approval, MILSTD A, Common Warfighting Symbology, will contain more approved ground unit symbols. Appendix A.

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Choose the graphic modifier for the next capability, labeling field “A 2.

The icon is a “role indicator” that shows the warfighting function the unit performs either on the ground, in the air, or at sea. Since the headquarters symbol already includes a staff, this staff may be extended or bent. For combined operations, applicable multinational procedures apply.

For overseas theaters, the procedures govern US unilateral operations only. If several headquarters are at one location, more than one headquarters symbol can be on a single staff. In this example, the secondary function and first modifier is reconnaissance.

FM Operational Terms and Graphics :: Military Publications – Field Manuals – USAHEC

This manual does not include an example of every type of unit; however, users can see from those presented the pattern of construction in order to make symbols for new or unique units. This chapter includes a wide variety of unit symbols as well as modifiers for building new or unique symbols. Choose the graphic modifier for any other capability, labeling field “A 3.


Precise Locations To indicate locations more precisely, the following methods are employed. An alphanumeric title that uniquely identifies a particular symbol; track number.

Friendly delivery unit missile, satellite, aircraft, etc. This manual describes symbols for use in the force domain maneuver command and control but does not supersede the military standards which describe symbols for use in the engagement domain “radar” tracking, evaluation, engagement, or engagement system directing.

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Dupont27 July This example requires no more graphic modifiers. Indicates number 011-5-1 items present. The basic affiliation categories are friendly, unknown, neutral, and enemy. The unknown frame shape is normally used only for aircraft and ships.

This manual does conform to the appropriate NATO requirements.

Size in f feet. Enter Your Email Address. Enter Your Email Address. Altitude portion of GPS. Height in feet of equipment or structure on the ground.

This admy applies to both automated and hand-drawn graphic displays or overlays. Present and Proposed Locations Basic unit and installation symbols are drawn with either solid or broken lines. Number or title of higher echelon command corps designated by Roman numerals.


FM , Operational Terms and Graphics, Table of Contents and Preface

The basic frame shapes for units, installations, activities, and logistics sites are shown in Figure Standardization of techniques is essential if tactical information is to be relayed without misunderstanding. The fields are defined in Figure This chapter establishes a standard system for the development of ground unit symbols. If necessary to fully distinguish the unit from another type of unit, include a text abbreviation, labeling field “A TEXT, ” inside the symbol frame.

Figure shows the abbreviations used when identifying units or marking boundaries. A color fill can be used if an icon is displayed within the area of the frame.

FM 101-5-1 Operational Terms and Graphics

Unit size indicators, shown in Figureare placed at the top center of the symbol frame in field “B. The provisions of this manual are the subject of international agreement s:. If color is used in a symbol, it shall indicate affiliation. This manual sets forth doctrine for the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps in the use of land-based warfighting symbology.