Unable to make connection from ARIS Mashzone to SQL database. I want to connect Aris Mashzone with MySQL Database.

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Our mashaone computing solutions provide faster access to big data while our Business Process Management BPM and business process modeling solutions help create more efficient processes. They were fans, all of them. Does it mean that Personal edition users have to pay for an Update?

Software AG MashZone

Aivars, you need a MashZone 2 license to run it. During subscription it enables you to use any update we publish. Do you mean that the one who have bought the personal license for MZ 1.

Recently there had been some articles published by YvonneChristian and me about the upcoming version of MashZone. Free keys obtained here in the community continue to work in MashZone 2 During update the setup created a backup of your old installation.

MashZone NextGen Read now. Our master data management solutions ensure organizations can work with trusted shareable master data. With the release of the second version much has changed in MashZone.

That means less reliance on IT to create dashboards and share visualizations. I would like some questions: Does it worth buying MZ 2. In fact our gallery demonstrates this already. Konstantin, you are right, we do not offer an update package for the Personal Edition.


Arix will find an maintenance option in our online shop. Assuming that there are many people interested in consuming KPIs, goal accomplishments, trends, etc.

Using ARIS MashZone at universities

If you are curious you may already download the most recent version of MashZone from our website mashzone.

How much does it cost? Hi Don, unfortunately version one keys cannot be applied to version two the free key is the only exception. During update the setup created a backup of your old installation.

Now make the smartest decisions about how your business runs on the platform. I had a single user license for MZ 1.

MashZone – what’s next? Will the V1 professional key work on v2? Maps in MashZone become customizable: To restore them shut down MashZone 2 and copy the files from backup to their original location. I cannot import my created mashups in the new version, but at the same time I don’t have the old version anymore as well. Results are presented within appealing mashups.

MashZone | ARIS BPM Community

No password, no files, no installed software, except a Flash enabled browser. Comment by Aivars Balcuns. But let me highlight the most important updates here. How can I update my license key? How many mmashzone avalilable a licence key? Analyze both real-time and at-rest data on one screen to uncover new ways to improve customer satisfaction, supplier management and more.


In this entry I summarize them, so the list will grow and I invite you to use this URL as reference this post will be edited to reflect updates. Learn more in the fact sheet.

Our official website explains the details; there is a feature matrix to find the edition fitting your needs best. How much does the full program costs and the licence keys? Software AG provides solutions that drive digital transformation in organizations worldwide, helping to improve operational efficiency, modernize systems and optimize processes for smarter masbzone and better service. Thus I am unable to run my MashZone reports: The same mashup twice: If a mashup author decides to share nobody needs a password to view mashups.

Set up personas—for example, for business users, analysts, developers and subject matter experts—so that each participant gets precisely the analytics results they need.

Comment by Sebastian Stein. I cannot get it to work and now would rather go back to v1 if I cannot use my license key on the new version.