Arduin Eternal has 5 ratings and 1 review. Arduin Role-Playing game – the 4th incarnation, released Arduin Eternal Bestiary & Treasures – Add something BOLD to your game today! The Arduin Eternal Bestiary & Treasure book will surely bring. Arduin Eternal Cultures of Khaora – A conundrum of cultures is spread out before you! Tired of playing the same old hero? What happens to a.

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Andreas From what I gather, it’s entirely new system and has very little if any at all material by Hargrave. In some versions of the Arduin printings, these so-called “corrections” are clearly visible.

This leads to another issue, at least an issue that I have and I’m told it’s not universal. But in this ehernal, it’s so antithical to the old school mindset that it seems injurious to one segment of Arduin’s core audience.

The original Arduin suite of supplements, dungeon modules, and gaming aids were initially self-publishedbut were then later produced by Grimoire Games. One arduinn the last game-related items created by David A.

Too many different ways of doing about the same thing Imagination 5 stars Organization 2 stars Art work 3 stars 4 if you are an affectionato of black and white ink work Playability 3 stars some sections seem quite useable Overall 3 stars You can find a detailed chapter blow by blow at: Make your mark as a mercenary captain from the border wars in the West.

The problem arises when it turns out that a significant portion of what was cut was neccessary to understand how things work, such as something as basic as how a thief picks a lock.

Character generation is an extensive process that can and does take days of effort if you know what you’re doing. Isaacs December 5, at 9: Like I said, it never made a whole lot of sense in the grand scheme, nor was it elegant, nor tremendously great: Information too dispersed around the book.

It was the first published “cross-genre” fantasy RPG, with everything from interstellar wars to horror and historical drama, although it was based primarily in the medieval fantasy genre. Anonymous June 5, at 8: Hamlet I can understand their and any publishers fears about piracy, but what are the going to do? It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.


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The idea that Arduin has a new set of arxuin for the future is not why I’m interested. Includes a Master Map of an area approximately miles square. Bill Gibson rated it liked it Aug 26, To ask other readers questions about Arduin Eternalplease sign up.

Hey, if they sold out all the better because putting together a page book is no joke. Surely it should only cost that much once it’s been out of print for 20 years, and been resold on ebay a couple of dozen times.

Arduin – Wikipedia

But they didn’t, and we’re not really in a position to do otherwise. The problem with Arduin Eternal is that it is so massive that it’s daunting even to players who have been at the game for more than 20 years. Hamlet December 6, at 9: The bridge can also be “keyed” to support any single type or moreletting all others fall through selectively.

Legendary Lands of Arduin: Maybe the faintest praise that can apply is “Hey, it’s still better than Synnabar! I guess latecomers will have to eat crow.

Like I said, I have no idea how this book came to be, but is it a Hargave interpretation or is it Arduin like he did it? Material from all of these were subsequently used as the basis for The Compleat Arduina standalone system. Every time someone puts out a new edition, they monkey with it, taking it further and further away from what I originally liked; they keep adding to it and expanding it in the name of completeness, never realizing that I liked it the way it was. Posted by James Maliszewski at 5: I can only imagine what it takes the uninitiated.


I loaned a friend my Arduin books back in and haven’t seen them since!

Arduin Eternal

I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of fans of those books I am one afterall. We understand this, after all, the book is already over pages long and any longer would have made it practically unusable. Different pages frequently contradict each other, rules are ambiguously worded or seem not to have ever been used in actual play the ‘flaws’ rules in designing devices for instance, or the use of the medical skill to treat serious injuries.

Plumb the depths of the rich world of Arduin. Arfuin yeah, that cover is a etfrnal eye sore. Lists with This Book. It is stuffed with content, including some interesting ideas, but the rules and editing aren’t up to the eterjal of containing them. Arduin Eternal has been in development for a long time.

View my complete profile. I couldn’t articulate outside some statements such as ” there was this kind of artificer class or technologist class in the same book as magic users. Arduin has never been known for innovative or incredible art, but it was always evocative and interesting. Journey to the city of Melkalund to learn at the underground college of technology. Looks tempting and great to see, but am afraid I’m tempted to agree with the observations on price and a bar to “sight unseen” purchases – and even when seen, perhaps.

Look, even if their 1st printing was only 10 copies, what matters is they sold out their product and hopefully made a profit. FantasyScience FictionHorror.

Granted, I haven’t seen this new Arduin. It made an impression on me that I’d basically forgotten about. Well, since I actually had time off from the office rather than spending 18 out of every 24 there, I figured it was time to put that time to good use and post eternla.