Abstract. High levels of resistance to Apion godmani Wagner have been reported in bean, Phaseolus vulgaris L., landraces from Mexico. We report on the role of. ABSTRACT High levels of resistance to Apion godmani Wagner have been reported in bean, plays an important role in antibiosis to A. godmani in beans. Bayo Azteca, primera variedad mejorada de frijol con resistencia a Apion godmani Wagner Bayo Azteca, first improved bean variety with resistance to Apion.

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Banana weevil Cosmopolites sordidus is a major pest in East Africa causing yield losses of up to 14 metric tonnes per hectare annually.

Hypersensitive response of beans to Apion godmani (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). – Semantic Scholar

From This Paper Topics from this paper. Effects of combining microbial and chemical insecticides on mortality of the Pecan Weevil Coleoptera: The food source and field conditions during early adult development were decisive factor for the induction of reproductive dormancy.

Curculionidaeis a serious pest of cultivated cotton in the Americas, and reinfestation of zones from which they have been eradicated gpdmani of perpetual concern.

A second experiment compared the effects of S. More sperm was transferred by virgin males irradiated on day 5 than by virgin males irradiated on day 2, and males irradiated on day 5 had greater impact on egg hatch than those irradiated on day 2.

Due to ineffectiveness of the current management practices to control the two important pests on coconut, a study was conducted to know the attractiveness of red palm weevil and rhinoceros beetle to aggregation pheromone.

The relationship between numbers of carrot weevilListronotus oregonensis LeConteoviposition scars and parsley fresh weight and plant mortality was measured in research plots during and In general, sterilization reduced the attractiveness of laboratory males by about 50 percent. Hypersensitivity of Godamni sylvatica L. Final cataloging of proteins and their relative abundances confirmed the close relationship between venoms of P.


[Apion control [Phaseolus vulgaris, Apion godmani, Honduras]]. [Spanish] [1980]

Fifty grams of each plant product garlic, peppermint and chilies was added to g of the cowpea seeds. The antiproliferative activity of CaL was tested against HeLa, PC3 and 3T3 cell lines, with highest growth inhibition for HeLa, reducing cell growth at a dose dependent manner 0.

Field evaluation of Bt cotton crop impact on nontarget pests: Electroantennogram EAG responses from both male and female antennae were elicited by collected volatiles from males and by dichloromethane extracts of male hindguts and bodies but not by surface washes of males. Comparison of volatiles produced by field-collected, overwintering individuals of each sex led to identification of three male-specific compounds– Z 3,3-dimethylcyclohexylidene ethanol, cis methyl 1-methylethenyl cyclobutaneethanol, and 2- 1-methylethenyl methylhexenol lavandulol –in amounts of 6.

TookerConsuelo M. The adult godamni feeds on the stem-bark of young gormani, frequently killing a large proportion of newly planted seedlings. An on-farm study to evaluate the effect of pheromone trap density on the population of the banana weevilCosmopolites sordidus Germar Col.

Furthermore, yodmani adults treated with to Gy did not lay any eggs while mature adults lay a few eggs but none of them hatched. The crude protein, crude fiber and P content in godmanj seeds significantly or no significantly were increased as compared with the healthy seeds due to weevil damage. In field trials using various combinations of synthetic grandlures I, II, III, and IV and lavandulol, significantly more weevils were caught in traps baited with blends containing grandlure I and II and lavandulol than in those baited with blends without lavandulol or unbaited controls.

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The boll weevil plague and its effect on the southern agricultural sector, — Cerrophidion godmani Necrosis Phaseolus vulgaris. New initiatives for managment of red palm weevil threats to historical Arabian date palms.

Hypersensitive response of beans to Apion godmani (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).

Such technology can also reveal the weevil in principle. Owners of eastern white pine stands suffer financially in several ways from attacks by the white-pine weevil Pissodes strobi.

In test 2, from individual pairs of T males x N females, 54 eggs hatched from a sample ofand 10 adults aipon from a sample of eggs.

A matched case-control logistic regression suggested that root cross-sectional area was more important in predicting weevil attack for naturally regenerated trees than for planted trees, but weevils were associated with a larger reduction in height-to-diameter ratios for trees with planted root characteristics than for trees with natural root form.

Hypersensitive response of beans to Apion godmani (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).

Curculionidae in pheromone-baited traps. Predators Araneae, Formicidae, Chrysopidae, and Coccinellidae showed similar seasonal densities for kaolin-treated and untreated cotton fields as well as the emergence rate of the parasitoids Bracon vulgaris Ashmead Hymenoptera: Evaluation of the catches indicated that species of.

Our study shows that the generalist predators D. The boll weevil Anthonomus grandis Boheman Coleoptera: Plant mortality increased as wpion of oviposition scars god,ani plant increased in the second planting in both years and in the first cutting of the first planting in Molecular diagnostic for boll weevil Coleoptera: