Ante Ciliga – pronounced “Tsiliga” – became famous to the point of becoming the emblem of the opposition to Stalinism and to “the Bolshevik system” of state. ANTE CILIGA. It is with an extreme discretion that the French press (Le Monde, October 28, ), announced, in some poor lines, the death of Ante Ciliga. The file was just too big and I can’t seem to compress it without losing quality, so I posted it on : The Russian Enigma – Ante Ciliga.

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From there he moved to Moscow, where lectured at the Communist University of the National Minorities of the West and supported Trotsky in his struggle against Stalin. Solnstsev ; G. Ciliga had arrived at a paradoxical position. There existed in the USSR several specialised “communist universities”. Svetlana Broz, the granddaughter of Pelagea Ange, told the author of this text in a recent interview that her grandmother had been exiled to Siberia for several years but was allowed to return, eventually, to Moscow, where she died in old age.

Comments Spikymike Jul 31 With the peasants of his native district, he organised an armed resistance against the Fascist bands squadristi.

In fact, the literature published by him of “Serbo-Croatian ” takes to a tonality definitely nationalist Croatian, anti-Serb.

The Russian Enigma – Ante Ciliga

Thinking cilita continuing higher education in France, the taste of the adventure and action carried out it in Hungary in full revolution spring According to Ciliga, the social composition of the insulator was primarily “intellectual”.

Being interested finally little in the fate of the working class, for them “Stalin carried out the essence of the program of the opposition, but with more brutality”.

Zorga decided for “a Leninist direction and an iron discipline”, finally for a Balkan federation of “Workers and peasants independent republics”. This Russian national “phenomenon “, also appeared according to Ciliga – among Anarchists. A psychological and political characteristic of Ciliga, in his path of Communist until that of social democrat, will be to research at all costs “united front” of all the political parties, the cliga agreement in the name of pluralism. On top, as on certain articles of SpremnostCiliga kept a total silence in his memories and interviews.

It also recounted the struggle of the Trotskyist dissidents who had been imprisoned en masse after The communist Federation of Balkans – created in and supposed to fraternally bring together Communist Greek, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Yugoslav and Turkish people – became since a anye between Bulgarians and Yugoslavs on the question of the national membership of Macedonia.

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Ante Ciliga Archive

But, as he antte writes it, he made the same experiment of Maximalist indecision, which he had observed in Hungary among the Socialists and the Communists. However, the Vucicevic couple, fully conversant with the Croat national movement in its liberal, extremist, and reform-Communist incarnations, do not cilia that Ciliga ever abandoned his Marxism, regardless of the political camouflage he may have been compelled to assume in wartime conditions.

While stressing that the policy of Pavelic had led to antee catastrophe, by a “unreal anti-Serb chauvinism” – but was it about simple ” chauvinism” in the case of the massacre of The Stansted 15 protesters, who stopped a government diliga flight from taking off in March last year, have today been found guilty of breaching terror laws.

This forecast, one knows it now, – except for details, since the extension of anet conflict to Balkans does not make that to start – was fully checked in cilig slaughters perpetuated in the name of the Serb, Croatian nation, etc.

But in this Austrian Manchester, where arose with acuity the working class question, he came from there “to regard as logic and probable the end of capitalism and the advent of socialism “. Though his flatterers say some, it is certain that Ciliga at that time – whereas he was presented as such in his books on Russia – was any more neither Marxist nor Internationalist, but a Croatian nationalist, apparently pro-Allied, sailing in stinking water of Ustasha.

These elements had gone even further than the Decemists ; they argued not that Lenin had begun correctly and strayed from the correct path, but that Bolshevik policies altogether had been wrong from the start.

Titled Ciligaa Ambiguous Itinerary: Who helped him escape? He also parted ways with the Trotskyists very soon, but continued to be loyal to socialist ideas.

The Tito regime accepted the domination of the Great Russian Imperialism over the peoples of the USSR, and wanted for itself the recognition of domination of the Great Serbian Imperialism over the peoples of Yugoslavia and the Balkans emphasis in original … The disagreement and conflict among the Communistic regimes of Sofia, Belgrade, and Moscow, is the conflict and quarrel among three imperialistic robbers, a great one and two smaller ones, over the distribution of the booty.

Mutiny and resistance in the Royal Navy, – Dave Lamb. He was expelled from it, measure that was deferred only thanks to the intervention of a Bosnian deputy. One can read in a text of Trotsky, published in Octobera defence of the USSR, which made certainly howl the imprisoned militants, and even more the workers in the lager-factories or the wnte As “left” communist between andclassified as Left Trotskyist and close to anarchism, Ciliga symbolises all the hesitations of militants of Central and Eastern Europe who became revolutionaries shortly after the First World War, while seeking – consciously diliga unconsciously – a national “identity”.


Ante Ciliga – Wikipedia

He later abandoned communist politics, becoming an “ardent nationalist”. These were not the positions on the State capitalism which made of Ciliga ” a Menshevik” – as it is affirmed by certain Trotskyist which assimilates Communist Left to Menshevism 64 – but its spirit impresses democratic idealism.

Ante Ciliga died viliga one of the worst moments in the terrible Serbian wars of the s. Emigrated in Vienna, September 8,he represented the Yugoslav Communist party as liaison officer between the Comintern, ciliiga Federation of Vojvodina, and the Balkan communist Federation.

Login coliga register to post comments. Dieci anni dietro il sipario di ferro. Few of Ciliga’s extensive writings have appeared in English translation. From tothe CPY officially supported the Moscow line of independence for the three leading national movements while its regional groupings in B-H, Montenegro, and Vojvodina, without full authorization, nonetheless also affirmed the right of self-determination of those territories.

Supplementibid. Creator at Ante Ciliga Collection. Of course, the activities of the group were discovered by the GPU. Ivan Jelic published a H. The triumvirate Bukharin-Gorkin-Manuilski had solicited – he affirms – a whole underworld which had never had anything to do with the Yugoslav movement and which was sent for “bolshevising” completely the party. Their resolution, minority, supported by 15 vote, proclaimed that the bureaucracy was a true class hostile to the proletariat; and thus that only the social revolution could lead to socialism.

But the desire to studying on the spot the experiments of the Great Russian Revolution carried it. Ante Ciliga “, with other many contributions, was marked on the right side. He underlined the risk of the reconstitution of a Serb block, after the disappearance of Ane “with annexation of the mixed areas with Serb minorities”; then “there would inevitably be dangerous tensions which would burst in civil war, war of nationalities, war of religion “.

The repeated failures that the communist movement in Europe underwent showed the need for improving some, to look further into the tactics of it. For the articles of Ciliga in Sotsialisticeskij vestnikin andcf. For this reason, the road of Ciliga raises many interrogations on communist “engagement” in Balkans.