Star*Drive was a campaign setting put out for Alternity, TSR’s ambitious but clumsy science-fiction RPG. Much in the way that Greyhawk is considered the. “The STAR*DRIVE campaign setting, designed for use with the ALTERNITY science fiction roleplaying game, brings to life the world of the future. Humanity has. I used Black Starfall and Red Starrise as introductory adventures to Alternity/Star* Drive, in general. But, because of the timeline difference.

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Star Drive (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

David EckelberryRichard BakerR. A total of 50 sentient species in all have been contacted, with each being rated at various levels of development. Mystics delve into tomorrow, masters of time and space great their future selves, and biowarriors create the finest blades with only their minds. Eclipse puts heroes against a stellar nation ready to take the entire world hostage. But where are the terrorists? Parallel universes are not just science fiction – physics and mathematics predict worlds that resemble and perhaps even duplicate out own.

Star Drive

Inside this box, you’ll find everything you need to start playing now. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

Sttar these pages you’ll encounter: Aliens, Demons, and Aberrations is a compendium of creatures for the DarkoMatter setting. New adventures – and new dangers – are everywhere, just waiting to be discovered. In this booklet, you’ll find everything you need to explore this starr and terrifying future in a self-contained roleplaying game. With the aid of some alien artifacts, the heroes must breach the defenses of a dreadnought to end the blockade.


Hack into the Orbital Defense Network? Now it offers a whole new range of possibilities: System Guide to Aegis expands the information available on this important system, including: Wizards of the Coast Inside this page, full-color book are more than 60 detailed descriptions and illustrations of aliens that live in and around the planets of the Verge.

Dirve actions, your choices, and a little bit of luck will decide! Open up the throttle and take the future by storm!

Can they survive the deadly threat posed by the derelict’s ancient machinery and unravel the mystery of the ship? The book follows the progress of the survery vessel Kepler as it visits previously alternit systems in the sgar, then ventures into the Lightning Nebula.

But what if we don’t like the answer? Of course, heroes have to know where to find what they want – and must have the cash to afford it, or the savvy to bargain for a better price: Also included are adventure suggestions designed to bring characters and creatures together – whether the heroes are ready to face them or not.

But what fun would that be? For the video game, see StarDrive. But ambitious nations and desperate factions covet this refuge, for it occupies the most important strategic site in the Verge. You control the action.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

Humanity is no longer xrive master of the world. Retrieved from ” https: A Klick naturally produces a field of energy that causes non-Klicks to feel weak and tired. Humanity has colonized thousand of planets – but ambitious nations contend or prime sectors of real estate. Slowly but inexorably expanding into civilized space, the alien klicks and their allies began by devastating the entire Silver Bell colony on Spes, followed by fierce ground fighting on Rakke.


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Mindwalker, mutant, and cybertech options are included. Klick Clack sends heroes into the very jaws of the lion. To save the lives of its people, the Collective used its talent in robotics and automation to create the Warhulks – massic spacegoing vessels bristling with destructive capability and guided by the most sophisticated artificial intelligence units ever to be installed in a starship.

The heroes become entangled in the machinations of two stellar nations determined to take more than their share of Lison’s most precious resource: When the Treaty of Concord brought an end to the war inStarMech recalled and deactivated its Warhulks The colonies win, known space is divided into a number of different stellar nations.

Complete game statistics are provided for all the weapons, armor, vehicles, and gear, ensuring that this book will be immediately useful in any modern-day ALTERNITY campaign. They favor ambushes and overwhelming numbers. Needless to say, the reaction in the frontier worlds is decidedly mixed.