Alesis D4/D5 Drum Modules Service Manual ii. 02/19/ PREFACE. This document is intended to assist the service technician in the operation. ALESIS D4 Reference Manual CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTION 51 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Alesis D4 Drum Sound. 00 10/17/95 Alesis D4/D5 Drum Modules Service Manual i 02/19/03 PREFACE This document is intended to assist the service technician in the operation.

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Bottom line on this unit: Decide which two voices should be individual voices, such as kick and snare; assign these to the Aux mqnual, and all other drums panned as desired to the Main outputs. Troy P tigersound aol.

Full text of “Alesis D4 Service Manual”

As mentioned in section 1 ,4D, a period after the Drum Set number indicates it has been edited. Turn aleeis Data wheel to select the sensitivity value desired to suite the style of play, or the pads being used. A Program Change Table section 4. Obviously, the internal workings of such a device are beyond the scope of this manual, however, a brief description of the important pins follows. An overview of the concepts and applications of the MIDI interface.

To recall one of the factory Drum Sets: The cursor will jump to the first character of the name. An underline cursor indicates that a parameter is available for editing. For more detailed tips and suggestions in these areas please refer to Tips On External Triggering From Acoustic Drums, included in manuql D4 literature package. manuql

Drum Sounds – 99 kicks, 99 snares, 55 cymbals, 92 toms, 75 percussion sounds, and 80 effects. Plug the left Aux output into a third channel panned to center for now and the right Aux output into a fourth channel also panned to center for now.


To send the drum sound to the Aux outputs, select Aux. When several instruments are being driven by MIDI e.

Editable parameters are alrsis for all 12 triggers, and the trigger set up is global for all drum sets. The D4 was an affordable and fully professional Drum alrsis Percussion sound module.

For any other service required, the product should be taken to an authorized service center as described in the operating instructions. Enter text from picture: Improperly ventilating the product may cause overheating, which may damage the product. Your warranty will be in effect and you will receive product update information only if you send in your warranty card.

It may take considerable experimentation to achieve reliable triggering Hi Manuwl Pedal must be selected for the footswitch mode. Signal 3 is a second “real” hit from the snare pad. Rotate the large Data wheel. This is useful with cymbals, since early strikes continue to decay as you play later strikes. First, go to the MIX page and reduce the volume of the snare pad to Since Mask ROMs rarely fail, most problems in this area will consist of opens or shorts along the data and address busses.

There are four options: The lower right, two-digit number represents the D4 Drum Set that will be selected in response to the displayed Program Change number. System messages, which do not have a channel number and are received by all units in a system, include Common, Real Time, and Exclusive messages. For more details, see sections 1. This changes the range of the DAC adjust circuitry. Failures in the reset circuit can cause symptoms ranging mahual loss of battery backup to a complete machine lock up.


Each is edited independently, so it is first necessary to select a trigger input for editing. Would like to kno At this point, data on the data buss is “written” into the latch.

Test individual triggers See D5 self test procedures for details V Buttons: In certain circumstances this setting can help suppress false triggering on the other inputs. They were used for everything from sound generation to storing parameters in memory for later recall.

OFF, ignored if already off! Run the outputs to a mixing console, and you can treat the drum kit and percussion sounds as two submixes. Output impedances manial fixed at roughly Q. This is how it works: In Individual Test mode, one can select particular tests to run.

The 18 bit address buss allows for 2 megabytes per Mask ROM. Your edits will remain intact until you select another Drum Set.

Alesis D4 Quick Setup Manual

Insert a formatted disk into the DD. However, if this is a 18 problem, try assigning all the toms to a group so that they only use up one voice at a time. On some early units the DAC may not be adjusted correctly due to the fact that the range is not large enough R9 should be changed to Q from Q.

Do NOT mqnual the output to all 12 triggers simultaneously! Use the Data wheel to select d44 desired character.

Press the Store button. Alesis D4 Supplementary Manual 4 pages.