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Cu-ally CuCrZr cooling pipe was applicable as the heat sink to handle the high heat flux near the strike-point, where displacements per atom rate was estimated to be 0. Abstract Multiscale interaction between the alzm island and turbulence has been demonstrated through simultaneous two-dimensional measurements of turbulence and temperature and flow profiles.

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Especially, much lower nuclear heating values and displacement damages are indicated on the lower part of the OT area than others. The temperature control mechanism TCM involves the tritium production of the breeding blanket and has an impact on tritium self-sufficiency. Pedestal models explain the observed stability to ELMs, and can simulate the observed weakly coherent mode. A high plasma current of 54 kA was non-inductively ramped up and sustained stably for 0.

For the final design of the ITER divertor it is important to determine whether shaping of each tungsten monoblock to eliminate leading edges is required or not. Apam experiments perturbation fields are excited with five error field trim coils. We’ve received your report and will correct the listing shortly.

In order to characterize magnetic braking in the various 3D field configurations, reveilel experiments have been carried out in KSTAR, applying a variety of static3D fields of different phasing of0, and.


The experimental observations were compared against several theoretical models. By applying the extended hybrid kinetic-MHD model to bulk and hot particles, we have carried out numerical analysis of RWM stability.

Abstract Plasma elongation effects on turbulence and zonal flow are explicitly investigated for the first time with global bounce-averaged gyrokinetic simulations for a collisionless trapped electron mode CTEM. Stable high-performance tokamak operation in hybrid and advanced plasma scenarios requires control over the safety factor profile q -profile and kinetic plasma parameters such as the plasma beta. The PFW was composed of atmospheric plasma-sprayed tungsten and stainless steel.

In particular, the effects of high temperature helium from D—T reaction on ZF depend on the temperature ratio between electrons and high temperature helium.

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You’ve reached the daily limit of 10 videos. Abstract The paper presents the results of the experiments with DF double forged tungsten samples irradiated at the WWR-K research reactor in hydrogen and helium atmospheres. The geometrical complexity of the sensor is accurately accounted for and the standard model which provides the classical expression to compute the flux linkage of Rogowski sensors is quantitatively validated.

In inboard-limited plasmas, the scrape-off layer SOL shows two regions: Using a perturbative methodand ignoring the high order terms, this model is then formulated in a magnetic flux coordinate system with equilibrium Maxwellian distribution of particles.

Long range frequency chirping of Bernstein—Greene—Kruskal modes, whose existence is determined by the fast particles, is investigated in cases where these particles do not move freely and their motion is bounded to restricted orbits.

As a consequence, by measuring kinetic quantities in a particular location, one can incur in substantial errors or mis-interpretations of the kinetic plasma response: The simulation results are then compared to the experimentally estimated confinement time behavior, and locally to the energy diffusivities behavior across the density ramps.

Experimental results are qualitatively reproduced by 2D particle in cell simulations. The defect clustering was neither observed on the damaged polycrystalline tungsten without deuterium irradiation nor on the damaged single-crystalline tungsten with deuterium irradiation.


Remember your video choices. This overview covers recent developments in the theory of runaway electrons in tokamaks. The magnetic island and turbulence can mutually interact via coupling between the electron temperature T e gradient, the T e turbulence, and the poloidal flow.

Abstract Impurity effects on fusion performance of China fusion engineering test reactor CFETR due to extrinsic seeding are investigated. The mode onset occurs when the the ohmic heating input is less than the radiative cooling loss, which agrees with the mode onset behavior of the thermo-resistive model.

In addition, an optimal tritium breeding ratio TBR method based on the TCM is proposed, combined with thermal hydraulics and finite element technology. The associated xlam blob velocity is shown to be reduced for heavier ions.

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Several consequences and new developments are derived from the general result that the global disruption force revelile on the perfectly conducting wall must be exactly opposite to the similar force acting on the plasma, which is inherently small in tokamaks.

This model is closed by the field equations of Poisson’s equation and Ampere’ law. Further experiments on other tokamaks are needed to improve confidence in extrapolation. The Poisson equation is solved numerically along with bounce averaging the Vlasov equation in the adiabatic regime.

The calculation results indicate that the highest values appeared on the upper outboard target OT area, which means the OT is exposed to the highest radiation conditions among the three plasma-facing parts inboard, central and outboard in the divertor.