Staffel) und “Fit in fünf Minuten – Rückentraining für zwischendurch” (2. . A “real client” (health management unit) with all his wishes (requirements in terms of. requirements can be considerable. The compatibility of your private life with Aktives Rückentraining – Das Kreuz mit dem Kreuz. (active training for your back) . /24 Network Information.

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The production of the series of training videos involved different work phases: The health management unit and the sports centre of the University develop the specific exercises that are made available to the employees as videos at a later stage. In the first partial series “Fit in five minutes” the exercises refer to all parts of the body, the second partial series “Fit in five minutes — in-between training for the back” focusses on the back.

The participants of the seminar at the Institute of Communication Science are taught the theoretical and practical basics of the topic “enterprise video” in general with a particular focus on training films.

A briefing will take place subsequently where the client health management unit presents his role within the exercise and places the “order” production of a video with three small groups of each five participants.

All relevant rckentrzining optics, scheduling, etc. The three groups independently plan the video concepts and are supported selectively by their lecturer M. To ensure the greatest possible proximity to practice, communication with regard rckebtraining the structure of the shoot and production process will take place directly with the “client”.


Production planning casting, exact time planning, content development of videos, etc.

The three groups produce their videos on three dates that are determined by their lecturer beforehand one day to shoot per group. Subsequently the groups independently carry out the post production editing, etc. In this phase the “client” is also involved as a contact person for further questions. During a meeting a feedback discussion takes place with all stakeholders. Here, the client accepts the videos at the end or makes comments on details that need to be reworked. During the production of both series “Fit in five minutes” summer term in and “Fit in five minutes — in-between training for the back” summer term in all videos that were created by the wls participants attracted a high akyives of approval tckentraining consent by the “client”.

Only a slight revision by the lecturer was necessary before publication such as graphically-animated title sequence, etc.

The presented exercises are short and easy so that everybody can carry them out during working hours — as a small, individual fitness-break with a clearly perceptible effect. Practical combination of teaching and service for the employees at the University of Bamberg.

The already very active health management team wanted to address the employees of the University even more directly and graphically than was the case at the time when the project idea was developed about fall Prevention, raising the awareness of “healthier” ways of working as well as taking employees by the hand with practical exercises — all this works best using the medium “video”.


On this basis the health rckentrraining unit had the idea of cooperating with the Institute of Communication Science M. This cooperation concept at the same time placed special emphasis on the idea of “working together” within the organization.

A practical exercise within the course of studies with an intense focus on real processes from practice greatly promotes learning success. In addition, this creates an even greater incentive to intensively deal with the theoretical and practical subject matter of the exercise as the result of the work will be published.

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A “real client” health management unit with all his wishes requirements in terms of effect, organization, graphic design of the videos, etc. Through the combination of both backgrounds the health management unit of the University and also the students themselves benefitted strongly from the project.

The award came with the “task” of producing a second series of videos with a focus on back health following the same concept. This series was produced in the rckentraininh term of “Fit in five minutes — in-between training for the rxkentraining.

Alle jeweiligen Rahmenbedingungen Optik, Zeitplanung etc. Punkte anmerkt, die noch nachzuarbeiten sind. Herbst der Fall war.