Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger (Yaoi Novel): Stranger ( Yaoi Novel) v. 1 by Reiko Yoshihara, Rieko Yoshihara, Reiko Yoshihara from. : 間の楔 Vol 他人 / Ai no Kusabi Vol.1 Tanin Ceres: a city without ethics or taboos, ruled by instincts and lusts. These are the slums—immutable, eternal, . All about Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger (Yaoi Novel) by Reiko Yoshihara. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for.

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Traveling through Midas, Straner compares the greedy and lustful citizens to the slums mongrels, whom are looked down by others and must steal to survive.

Ai no Kusabi Vol. 1: Stranger

Probably not, but it certainly feels like it. I love it even though this book kuusabi series even though its horribly written. I’m still hopeful for that insight al so I’m eagerly awaiting the next volume ;-! Midas and Tanagura are ruled by a supercomputer called Jupiter. At no point does it tone itself down. Dec 13, Regsly rated it liked it Shelves: Ai No Kusabi was the first Yaoi I ever watched and only the second or maybe third anime ever. However, everyone sees that he is different from the charismatic Riki of the past.

Mar 04, Tara rated it it was amazing. Ai No Kusabi is a classic in Japanese boys love.

So all my stars go for Yoshiwar I love the story, it’s a classic. And in my country, this was 14 euro at the time. Godannar — To Heart: The protagonist, Riki, is a punk from the slums, Ceres. You may be reluctant to accept it, but some love kkusabi only be requited in such an ending.

Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger Yaoi Novel: : Reiko Yoshihara: Books

I guess maybe because the anime supposedly got yaoi into the US? In fact, I would say that if you don’t read them together, as a whole, then you will NOT like them. But for this I had to at least get my initial thoughts down. Cause payin 80 dollars is a bit of a rip-off Remembering the end still makes me tear up. I wonder what would happen to Iason and Riki!


The series has twice been adapted into anime, as a two-part video in and on DVD in ; there have also been CD dramas in the style of Radio plays, as well as a Manga edition. Other books in the series. Mongrels, dark haired, live in the slums. Koga Maryuin’s Last War While not telling what Iason was planning, Katze reveals to Riki that he was Iason’s former Furniture and gained his scar for finding out the secrets of Tanagura.

Lovers Again Ai no Kusabi — Bastard!! Good thing since this one is just a hot mess. Stranger “Do you know what ai no kusabi means? The story lives up to it’s reputation.

Though it is only implied, Riki was once the “pet” of a high class blondy called Iason. Though it is only implied, Riki was once the “pet” of a high class blondy called Iason. I’m curious about a lot of things. Chronicles of the Heroic Knight Nightwalker: Did I mention how much I loved this series?

Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger (Yaoi Novel)

Although Riki is uninterested, Kirie ksabi him into going as Guy notes Riki’s strange behavior. I loved this series of books as it had all a lot of my buttons: Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.

In my opinion, the best yaoi story ever written. The world of Ai no Kusabi is divided by decree into classes defined by Genetic Engineering as signalled by the hair colour of the blond rulers and their black-haired subjects. The Man’s upturned blue eyes were so unimaginably beautiful that they could make anybody tremble ztranger awe.


I was very much looking forward to reading the novel version because it has been revised a I adore Ai no Kusabi and it will always have a special place in my heart because it was kuusabi first yaoi anime I ever saw. Is it possible to buy is somewhere else than on amazon? But this kusani to be a teaser for the series this book is the first of, I believe, a six-book seriessince there aren’t any more sex scenes in this book, and while I think it’s pretty clear who the Captive and the Man are, the events of that opening episode aren’t referred to again.

I came into this knowing it was dub con, BDSM and sexual slavery.

Characters stand out starkly in this barren literally and figuratively world. Raw, Dystopian sgranger, Romance, Gay Relationships, intrigue, artificial intelligence, and it makes you think.

Jupiter is an AI who has taken control of Tanagura because humanity is not as intelligent as it is. See our Returns Policy. This book seem to have a whole lot of words, yet not a whole lot of action. Although the other employees treated Riki terribly for being a slum mongrel, Katze and Riki formed a mutual respect for each other and Katze took Riki under his wing. The intensity of the anime and I hope that that’s the same with the book stranfer just overwhelming!

Iason, the leader of au Blondies, encounters Riki, a mongrel, in the streets of Ceres one night and sets out to own him. It was just laughable.