A Christmas Carol Novel by Charles Dickens, Play by Frederick Gaines Images and Discussion Questions English 7/7H Mrs. Gennosa. Scene 1. Fred wishes his . A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens Dramatized by Frederick Gaines. Vocabulary – List #2. Directions. Read each sentence using the. How many years ago did Marley die?, Who is Bob Cratchit?, Why does Scrooge not want to give Cratchit Christmas day off of work?, What does Nephew invite.

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The official currency used in most of Europe is known as the Euro. I can always depend on her to be happy and upbeat. Read each sentence using the fredeick word. They hoped for a few pennies in return for lighting his way. When the setting changes, a new scene begins Acts — two or more scenes are grouped into acts in a play.

Props — objects the actors use during the play. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. I cannot pass through air.

Turn to page 55, frederico at the pic- tures and describe what you see: Identify the narrative point of view in a story.


My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

This is a negative word like repulsive but it does NOT mean the same thing! He wanted to hear exactly what happened the night of the crime.

“A Christmas Carol”- Adaptation by Frederick Gaines

Picture the set and props as the characters dramatzied about. A Tale of Two Cities. Mortaladjective Talking to the First Spirit — Scrooge: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome A Tale of Two Cities -Charles dickens.

I wish to be left alone. Use the pictures as clues!

‘A Christmas Carol’ dramatized by Frederick Gaines SpeedMatch Review Game

What do these words have to do with? Vocabulary — List 2. Welfarenoun At this point in the story, Scrooge was just visited by Marley. Mc crindle christmas-infographic -All of us here at mccrindle wish you a very merry christmas and a fantastic holiday break.

Welfare in this context is not something that refers to assistance provided by the government! Many thousands are in want of common necessaries; hundreds of thousands are in want of common comforts, sir pg Replace your definition in the sentence to see if it makes sense! Money does not buy happiness; happiness comes from sharing with others.


Why are you here? He worked in a rat-infested factory at gainew What is your name? Auth with social network: Watch for the action and how the conflict gets resolved.

Humans are mortal, vampires are immortal. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Main major character Minor character Narrator — sets the scene for the drama and may comment on what happens Foil — characters that provide a sharp contrast to the qualities of the main character.

“A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens Dramatized by Frederick Gaines

You wish to be anonymous? When my son mumbles at me, his words are incoherent. Christmas Quiz -Which animal is traditionally eaten for christmas dinner? This ghost visits Scrooge first, before Scrooge goes back to see his childhood.

Vocabulary — List 2. Merry Christmas -May you have the gladness of christmas, which is hope.