The VFC32 voltage-to-frequency converter provides an output frequency accurately proportional to its input voltage. The digital open-collector frequency. CJ Datasheet, CJ PDF, CJ Data sheet, CJ manual, CJ pdf, CJ, datenblatt, Electronics CJ, alldatasheet, free, datasheet. data sheet. CAUTION. ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device. Electrostatic charges as high as V readily accumulate on the human body and test.

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A very simple and low cost frequency to voltage converter based on the TC IC from Microchip is shown here. TC can be either wired as a voltage to frequency converter or frequency to voltage converter and it requires minimum external components.

The functional blocks inside the TC includes integrator opamp, 3uS delay circuit, one shot circuit, charge discharge control circuit, divide by 2 network and necessary drivers. This circuit finds application in a range of electronic projects like frequency meters, tachometers, speedometers, FM demodulators etc.

In the circuit shown above the TC is wired as a F to V converter that operates from a single supply. The circuit generates an output voltage that is proportional to the input frequency. The input frequency is applied to the pin11 non inverting input of the internal comparator. Below this level the circuit will not work at any situation.

Whenever the input signal to the pin 11 of IC1 crosses zero to the negative direction the output of the internal comparator goes low.

Selling AB, C, with AB, C, Datasheet PDF of these parts.

In the single supply operation the reference voltage is the potential difference between pin 2 and 7 of the TC The voltage across the integrating capacitor C int is retained because the only discharge path available is the 1M resistor R int which is a too high and the voltage across C int is the output voltage. Resistor R bias is used to set the bias current of the IC. The potential divider network comprising of R6 and R7 makes sure that the input threshold tracks the supply voltage always.


The clamp circuit using diode D2 prevents the input from going far negative in order to turn on the internal comparator. In simple words this section of the circuit can be generally termed as a level shifter. The TC manufacturers claim that it can accept a signal of any frequency at its input. In the practical side, for the proper working of this circuit the positive half of the input signal must have at least 5uS pulse width and for the negative half it must be greater than or equal to 5uS.

For calibration adjust the offset adjust trimpot to obtain 0V at the output with no input frequency applied. If you have a function generator, set frequency input to 10KHz and make adjustments in the value of C ref to get around 2. This calibration is meant for a maximum input frequency of 10KHz. Frequency to Voltage converter Dual supply Version. Compared to the single supply version, this circuit requires less number of components. The circuit works only on a bipolar input frequency and if the frequency available to you is unipolar a positive pulse trainthen convert it to bipolar using the circuit shown below.

The output voltage of the based F to V converter is super imposed with a saw tooth ripple voltage which is inversely proportional to the value of the integrating capacitor C int. For low frequency inputs the datwsheet voltage can be reduced by increasing the value of C int. But this method is not suitable for high frequency inputs because the larger capacitance 940cj will dramatically 9400dj the response time of the converter circuit.

A method for reducing the output ripple voltage without affecting the circuits response time is shown below. The circuit is nothing but an operational amplifier working in the common mode. Due to the common mode operation the AC ripple is rejected and pure DC level will be available at the output.


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Trimpot R16 is used to adjust gain of inverting and non inverting inputs to the same value. This circuit will also act as a buffer. The 9400ck supply circuits required for the frequency to voltage converter project are shown below. In the circuit diagrams bridges D4 and D3 can be made using 1N diodes.

You can follow what ever which is more convenient. Frequency to voltage converter using Lm The circuit is highly linear and has a very great dynamic range. The circuit operated from a single supply and can be easily assembled on a Perf board. Frequency to voltage converter using NE This is one great application of NE timer IC. Uses minimum number of components and almost all components required for this circuit can be obtained from your scrap box. Please give me the information about its input and output.

TC Voltage to Frequency converter Single supply version this circuit has mistake in giving the input 15v and the output is 5v. Your email address will not be published. Frequency to voltage converter admin March 16, 10 Comments.

TC Voltage to Frequency converter Single supply version. Unipolar to Bipolar dataaheet converter circuit. Previous post Next post. You may also like: Can you give me informaion about this converter ckt. If you completed pls write to me this is to record transmitted freq. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your 9400ck address will not be published.