r; Corrupt message content. Please help. I’ve scoured the internet and found nothing but abandoned forums with no answers, just. Iam getting a bounce back with NDR that says”” # STOREDRV. Deliver; Corrupt message content ##”” with few of the users. The generating server. # ´╗┐Corrupt message content STOREDRV”. Facts: Apparently , it can fail but can also deliver successfully. ”

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Yes the issue most frequently occurs when Exchange users email other Exchange users.

#554 5.6.0 STOREDRV.Deliver; Corrupt message content ##

It affects pretty much all users randomly. Thread starter kgamarketing Start date Aug 21, Forums New posts Search forums. Thank you for this thread we have migrated and upgraded from Exchange to storedrv.delivrr few days ago and had a couple of email addresses resulting with this error, I disabled the disclaimer rule and it seemed to do the trick.

I don’t use the disclaimer Sign in to vote. Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue? Allen Song May 16, Not an IT pro? Deliver; Corrupt message content rfc A quick Google turns up the following links http: For a better conrent, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


# r; Corrupt message content ## | Outlook Forums by

If you can’t determine what the problem is, open a case with MS and let them know you have pipeline tracing enabled and that you have an example. The last sentence on that page says “When outbound failures occur, they are usually caused by Exchange code bugs or corrupted message content.

All I can establish is that there appears to be a problem with MaxBulk Mail mailings and some Microsoft servers; I don’t seem to be able to get beyond that.

We do not use OWA and have it disabled for all users in our organization. Please check if OWA has this issue. Friday, May 9, 4: I am currently getting bounces from all recipients at two publishers.

#554 5.6.0 STOREDRV.Deliver; Corrupt message content ##rfc82

If the user opens the sent item from his mailbox and uses the “send again” button, it goes through the next time. I’ve enabled pipeline tracing on two servers and have generated logs of affected messages. Office Office Exchange Server. Final Draw Luncheon for 60 guests Thread-Index: Hi buddy, This is the product issue and will be fixed in the RU4. Another server has thrown up the same problem this time in Germany Most of the online KBs and articles I see about this issue say to install update rollup 7 for Exchange SP3, but we have that and are up to update rollup 13 installed and still the issue is not resolved.


Corrupt summary tnef content. Monday, May 12, The complete error message content is below Sent by Microsoft Exchange Server Diagnostic information for administrators: But this is the problem we are facing some times the mail is reaching users ,sometimes notwe check the antivirus and we disable the antivirus in client machines but the problem is not resolving.

Thank You for The valuable Information Henrik. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you.

Does this issue occurs when Exchange users send emails to internal Exchange users? Yes the issue also occurs in Exchange but much less frequently.

Antimidas Apr 7,