View and Download YAMAHA YZF(Y) owner’s service manual online. Motorcycle YAMAHA YZF(W) Owner’s Service Manual YZF(Y) OWNER’S SERVICE MANUAL © by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. 1st Edition, May All. ha dealer. Yamaha continually seeks advance- ments in product design and quality. Therefore, while this manual contains the most current product information. Yamaha YZF(X) Service Repair Manual DOWNLOAD INSTANT DOWNLOAD Yamaha YZF(X) Service Repair Manual DOWNLOAD This is.

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Yamaha YZ250F 2008 Owner’s Service Manual

Oil ring end lower 3. Nut front wheel axle Front wheel axle Front wheel Left This is the position which is back by the specific number of clicks from the fully turned-in position.

Piston to cylinder clearance 0. Cylinder head breather hose Insert the end of the fuel tank Pass the cylinder head breather Disconnect the CDI magneto lead. Cylinder head breather hose Insert the end of the fuel tank Pass the cylinder head breather Oil ring end upper Oil ring Oil ring end lower You cannot measure the end gap on 3. To print the manual completely, please, download it.


Before starting the engine, fill the fuel tank with the fuel. Install the valve maual the cylinder head. It is a good printed version of the PDF. Piston Refer to removal section. Those who have little knowledge and skill concerning servicing are request- ed not to undertake inspection, adjustment, disassembly, or reassembly only by reference to this manual.

Radiator breather hose Fasten the throttle position sen- Radiator hose 2 Pass the fuel hose on the out- side of throttle position sensor lead. Bolt axle holder Only loosening.

Radiator hose 1 Disconnect at cylinder head side. Before using this machine, check the following points. Those can be reinstalled in their original who have little knowledge and skill place.

Bear in mind that such factors as weather, terrain, geographical location, and individual usage will alter the required maintenance and lubrication intervals.

Calaméo – Yamaha YZF(X) Service Repair Manual DOWNLOAD

Hot starter cable Aligh the paint mark on the cylin- Radiator hose 1 The shape and part number used for the special tool differ by country, so two types are provided. Install the camshafts exhaust and intake. Hot starter cable Disconnect at the lever side. Oil strainer Crankshaft Refer to removal section. Crankshaft end yz250v screw Refer to removal section.

Page 2 Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. A number that is enclosed panies the yz2500f diagram, To help identify parts and clarify pro- by a circle indicates a disassem- providing the order of jobs, names cedure steps, there are exploded dia- bly step. Perform the pre-operation checks on the machine. Hot starter lever yz205f Clutch cable Disconnect at the lever side. Page of Go. Check the steering stem by turn- ing it lock to lock.


Whitish spark plug Clogged float valve seat Clogged fuel hose Straighten the lock washer tab.


Disconnect the fuel hose. Clutch cover Clutch spring Pressure plate Push rod Drive chain Throttle grip Clutch cable Pass the brake hose in front of Engine stop switch lead the number plate. Disconnect the CDI magneto lead.

Valve cotter Refer to removal section. Torque specifications 6 mm for special components or assem- blies are included in the applicable sections of this book. The cover of this book says YZ,