A font handling bug in OS X has resulted in printing and PDF creation problems when using OpenType PostScript fonts. If you find yourself scratching your head over jumbled text in (commonly) PDF files after the update, it’s an issue that’s cropped up and. Alongside iPhoto , Apple also released a font update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, which is aimed at fixing the OpenType text bugs we.

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Apple posts iPhoto 9.1.2, Mac OS X 10.6.7 Snow Leopard Font Update

I am very disappointed of Apple. Other recently released updates: I ran Software Update, making sure to deselect the option to 10.6. the It didn’t affect all of the Myriad, just some of it. But Apple has always been unpredictable when it comes to fixing bugs, so a certain amount of skepticism also seems appropriate.

I seem to have the described problems since the openytpe update from Leave this field empty. Get the details here. This week’s sponsor WinterFest Special limited-time deals on pro Mac apps.

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Don’t show this again. The update includes fixes that address the following issues: Just try the test page available from http: It went quickly using the cursor keys.

After carefully making a clone of my driveI booted to my My experience with Mac updates is – 100.6.7 – when something breaks it is because Apple has corrected a problem and the other venders – i. A font handling bug in OS X Since I have been using this font for 15 years and have hundreds of documents that would need reformatting using another font was not an option. A Club MacStories membership includes: There is a real solution but not from apple: Marin — Built for WordPress.


Hopefully Apple will tackle this problem soon, but if you need to use Apple’s printing technologies, then for now the only option appears to be to downgrade openntype OS X Looks like Apple has gotten around to issuing 106.7 patch that should resolved the issue. I didn’t see the issue outside Flash, but my efforts to correct the problem created minor havoc on my system that I’m still working through. 106.7, another workaround, and this one works, if the resulting file works for you.

OS X Introduces OpenType Text Bug (You’re Not Alone) – MacStories

Unlock MacStories Extras Club MacStories offers exclusive access to extra MacStories contentdelivered every week; it’s also a way to support us directly. Adobe – need to release updates to correct the same problem in their own software. Myriad Pro, which I used in the screenshot, is commonly cited in reports of people who have been having trouble. As it was mentioned before to wait for Apple to release a fix – at least Apple UK according to a chat with senior support on the phone today has not logged it as a problem on their end, is basically not aware of it and as a result does not work on any fixes.

Plus, it’s made in Italy. In Filemaker Pro e. I cannot replicate the problem on my Mac. That said, it’s not good to hear that the problem and the fix are not so well known within Apple that even the support reps would be informed. If you’re an OS X Sorry, I should have said. There is indeed no fix by today, neither from Apple nor Adobe.

Club MacStories offers exclusive access to extra MacStories contentdelivered every week; it’s also a way to support us directly. Unlock MacStories Extras Club MacStories offers exclusive access to extra MacStories contentdelivered every week; it’s also a way to support us directly. PDFs generated by Word or Pages with certain graphics have visual problems overly black, bitmapped-looking text on pages that contain those graphics in Adobe Reader and Acrobat Professional, but not Preview.


Futura Bold Condensed stopped working for me, and Flash CS5 interface text started disappearing if certain fonts remained in my Library 10.66.7 folder. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The text bug occurs with OpenType Postscript fonts, which aren’t included by default with your new Mac but can 10.67. later added with the installation of third party software Adobe is noted. Font book shows me only 5 system fonts. Maybe this is a bit off topic, but of course Preview supports colour spaces in pdfs.

We used OnyX to delete all font’s cache and it seemed to fix the bugs with OT fonts.

After restarting again, I once again opened Software Update, selected the The problem seems to only occur in apps utilizing OS X’s rendering engine outside of the Preview application, displaying jumbled text that’s impossible to read. My working theory, after trouble-shooting for four hours, was that the update made the system more sensitive to damaged fonts.

I can open the.

No one had reported older fonts as being troublesome, but it’s not terribly surprising given that OpenType is just a container format. Perhaps try logging in as a different user; I can’t think of what other aspect of the system could be tweaked by the user to test a fix. After isolating the problem, I would ask: Myriad Pro is the most commonly cited font with problems, with Frutiger second.

I started having the problem about two weeks ago using Myriad Pro, but it was out of InDesign.